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Welcome GuardianCL System


How about application support and capacity to meet the need for the collection of information and provide access to such information in a simple and dynamic way? Register now and see all that the GuardianCL System, can offer.

An application for Internet of Things

Companies that wish to develop IoT solutions, need to do the designer, prototype and manufacture things. Also, have to worry about how to develop storage and visualization of data. With the GuardianCL System, your company just need to worry about creating things, leaves the rest to us.


Constantly evolving and ready to serve you, our support staff is always ready to help le.

Good Documentation

Documentation with vast content, explaining the principle's the end of how to use and take full advantage of the solution.

Friendly Interface

Responsive interface, and ability to run on any device. Easy to access anywhere.

Independent Hardware

The GuardianCL speaks several languages, and is able to collect information in different ways, have a suggestion, just send us.

The Project GuardianCL

The GuardianCL System project, was born based on something innovative, the concept of Internet of Things, and is now available for everyone to use.

  • View real-time information from the device using any web navigator.

    Responsive Application

    View real-time information from the device using any web navigator.

  • View graphs and reports of connected devices.

    Charts and Reports

    View graphs and reports of connected devices.

  • View all information on a single dashboard in real time.

    Dashboard of Devices

    View all information on a single dashboard in real time.


The GuardianCL System follows a business model similar to other Internet of Things solutions, and we are always innovating, register and know how it works.

  • 3 things
  • 1 month storage data
  • Limited access APIs
  • Access via REST
  • Limiting the reporting and notification
  • Sign In
  • Unlimited devices forever
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited access APIs
  • Access via REST, COAP, MQTT
  • Reports and sending notifications without restriction
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